Good afternoon / good morning / good night depending on where you are. Meditation is something I’ve never really fully immersed myself in. Yoga and stretching has been a wonderful part of my life ever since I incorporated it, and now I want to incorporate more meditation. Days when I have off are the perfect days to just relax and let go and focus on my breathing. It also feels perfect to me to do this while I’m detoxing my body through raw foods.

Here is some wonderful background music for those of you interested in meditation or who are just starting out with meditation.

Have a beautiful day and I’ll be back later to post about Day 6 of Brad’s Raw Challenge

Full Body Yoga

Yoga and stretching have some incredible benefits. Yoga is not only soothing on your body, but also your mind. Slow, strong poses help you to stay clear headed and focused. There’s so many different kinds of yoga out there, and each have wonderful benefits for your body and overall health. Yoga is also incredibly strengthening and toning. Holding difficult poses challenges your muscles and strengthens your entire body. This routine is from Tara Stiles who is well known in the yoga world.