How to Lower Your Laundry Impact

Being sustainable and green in all parts of your life is how to really make a difference. Recycling and re-using is a start, but there is so much more you can do!

There is a product I’ve recently come across that I love! It’s called berryplus, and it’s a wonderfully natural laundry detergent that not only does not use harsh chemicals, but the packaging is also very “green”. Your normal laundry detergent comes in a big plastic bottle, and you choose the amount you put in. Whenever I did laundry, depending on how dirty it was I would just pour an amount in. For really dirty stuff, I’d put in a lot. Berryplus has little capsules that have the right amount of detergent all ready to go. I didn’t even think about how much I was using, and what kind of chemicals were in the detergent. Now I buy all my body wash, shampoo, and face care stuff natural and free of chemicals and parabens. For some reason I never really made a laundry change until I saw this product. I did think about it sometimes, but I never acted on it. At the moment, I still live in my parents house so I just use whatever detergent they would buy for the convenience. Here is an article that where berryplus was tested and compared to other detergents.

Other steps you can take are to consolidate your laundry, air dry clothes when possible, and use cold water when washing. By consolidating your laundry, you are saving time and also making washing clothes more efficient and easy. Organize what you need to wash into undergarments, whites, etc. ¬†Berryplus works well with cold water, and encourages you to use cold water. Cold water washing saves energy, and “According to the US Department of Energy, as much as 90% of the energy used to wash clothes in a conventional machine is used for heating the water” (*). Air drying clothes obviously cuts down on dryer usage and overall water and electricity usage!

Overall I really like it! I tend to have a lot of laundry and being able to cut down on plastic, chemicals and my overall footprint is a good feeling. Vegan cuts even has a deal for berryplus on their website along with a bunch of other wonderful vegan products!