Hello there, my name is Leigh and this my lifestyle blog. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I’ve learned a lot on my own the last few years that I’d like to share. I’ve always been a lover of animals, so it made so much sense to me to go vegan. I live an entirely vegan lifestyle: no animal products or by-products. No meat, dairy, eggs, leather, honey, suede, etc. I try my hardest to stay up to date on what is vegan and what’s not and do my best to promote vegan brands and food to others. This blog is about several things: veganism, vegan recipes, fitness / health tips, green living tips, and other things that are similar. You’re more than welcome to request things you’d like to see on this blog or ask me for questions or tips!


I believe that I am a very compassionate person and I try to practice compassion wherever I go. Aside from being a vegan, I also volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Being able to work with wildlife has been incredible for me. I’ve worked with hawks, vultures, squirrels, mice, turtles, and other Pennsylvania wildlife. Every animal is precious to me, and each life is just as valuable as my own. In the future I’d like to also work with a dog rescue and also with farm animals. I would dedicate my life to helping animals, and it’s one of the parts I love most about myself and my life.

I love to cook and I try to post as many recipes as I can on greenbunnie. Most of the things I create are a spur of the moment, but I try my hardest to formulate a recipe to be able to share with anyone who is interested! Vegan food and raw food can be delicious, nutritious and can make you feel amazing.

This is the first lifestyle / food blog I’ve ever made so it’s still a work in progress. Subscribe to my blog to see it grow and transform and also stay updated on recipes and my progression into an even healthier person!

– green bunnie
If you’d like to contact me about anything please feel free to send comments, questions, suggestions to this email : leighjeans1023@yahoo.com. I know it’s a silly email, but I honestly made it when I was just a wee girl!

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